Päijänne Natural Heritage Foundation PLUPS promotes nature conservation and hiking in the vicinity of the Lake Päijänne.

The main task of the foundation, founded in 2008, is to acquire and protect land suitable for nature reserves in the Lake Päijänne area and its surroundings.

We acquire land suitable for conservation purposes with donations from individuals and companies.

More than 530 hectares of protected areas for the nature of the Päijänne region!


The foundation’s richly wooded forests and peat-rich bogs serve as significant carbon sinks and stores. Your donation will prevent climate change!

Donation collection account FI39 1745 3000 1629 92 NDEAFIHH, Nordea Bank Abp.

Thank you for your donation! Even the smallest donation is significant!

In 2021 PLUPS used ca. 400 000 € to acquire new areas.

See also our campaign for saving the nature at the Lake Puula (in Finnish).

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