Let there be life in the bog

Voting for Partioaitta’s 2023 Environmental bonus is open until 18th of December 2022!

Please consider the PLUPS project as a bonus receiver – help us to be in the group of final five! You can vote for us


The Päijänne Natural Heritage Foundation PLUPS is a local nature conservation organization operating with donations. PLUPS acquires areas for protection and guarantees them a permanent protection. The foundation protects Finnish nature in the Päijänne area by acquiring forests and marshes / bogs containing nature values for protection. For our part, we are significantly fighting against climate change and the destruction of nature.

PLUPS intends to use the environmental bonus for the protection of bogs and the restoration of the bogs it owns. We have acquired 10 hectares of bog removed from peat production near Leivonmäki National Park in Haapasuo, which we intend to restore as a bird wetland. This will support the national park’s conservation goals in its immediate vicinity, increases diversity locally, and creates a resting place for migratory birds. The project also has a positive effect on nutrient leaching and carbon sequestration. Part of the environmental bonus is used, if possible, to expand the area to be restored or to purchase new objects to be restored in our operating area. The bonus can also be allocated to the communication, marketing and environmental education of the restoration project/projects.

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